Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting back at it!

        We took a short break from filming for our last busy weekend on the Deschutes and a little R & R before the steelhead are in full swing.  We all got stoked on the mini-Teaser and we are ready to do lots and lots of fishing.  I am ready for really early morning fishing, mid-day naps, evening fishing, and early bed times.
        This morning we fished in town and got to see an amazing sunrise and got some beautiful morning shots.  This evening we decided to go down stream to see if there were any fish, we got to our spot, while we were getting rigged up some guy poached our spot with a sketchy sneak route down a steep hill.  He is going to have some real bad fishing karma.  We decided to move on, but before we did we all put out hands in a beer can holder and when we all pulled apart Russell was left with the plastic on his wrist.  Turns out this was some really good luck.  We drove upstream to a new spot and in 4 casts Russell yells "Fish On!!!"  and he landed his first steelhead of the year, a nice little native!
        Early morning tomorow, its on fish, here we come!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Starting the Dirty Work

        We have shot 6 days of fishing so far on the Deschutes River.  It has been pretty exciting so far with fires closing the upper river last week.  We were waking up an extra 30 - 60 minutes early to try and get the fishing spots we wanted.  Right now is the end of August lull in the fish so we have a lot of footage of casting and some really cool wildlife footage.  Friday morning we were the first and for most of the day the only people on the section that burned in the fires.  It was amazing to see the changes mother nature had gone through since the last day were were up there.  We were some of the last up there and the first to go back.  Were we were fishing did not burn but the other side of the river was burnt from over the hills all the way down to the train tracks.  This made it a lot easier to spot wildlife on the far side of the river.  We got shots of heard of 7 big horn sheep, great blue herons, osprey and king fishers, but no steelhead.

        Now its time to get elbow deep in the 6 days of footage I have shot so far.  My camera shoots about 1 gig per minute, so far I have close to 600 gigs of footage.  I have a Panasonic HVX200 and I record to a Firestore FS-100 DTE Hard drive, 100 gig hard drive holds 110 minutes of DVCPRO HD 720p60 footage, and less if I am shooting at 1000 or 2000 frames per second.  I just watched some footage that I shot of James Sampsel at 1000fps and slowed it down to 40% and it looks so good.
Time to get back to the hard work.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Blog

        Well, this has been an interesting year... I worked way too much last winter, took a Level 1 Avalanche course, helped make an amazing ski & snowboard movie with Unified Productions, went to Alaska for a few weeks to visit friends and to see Arctic Man, then I blew out my knee, rafted the Illinois River, drove a moving van from Texas to Oregon (I drove 5000 miles in 6 weeks mostly in AK and the drive back from TX), had knee surgery June 30th, and now I am trying to get my knee back in shape for this winter while driving busses and answering phones at AllStar Rafting, and I just got back from my grandpas memorial service in Portland.   
        It has been a difficult summer, I missed more then a month of the season after knee surgery, I cant guide this season, I miss being on the water, but I am grateful to have a job, even if I have spent most of the summer driving a bus.  But that is all coming to an end, the fall is coming early and the rafting season is about to end real quick.  Now its time for bigger and better things.

        Its time to make another movie!  I have had the fortune of being asked to help make a fly fishing movie.  We are going to follow steelhead trout around the Northwest.  We will be fishing in OR, WA and BC.  In Oregon we are going to be fishing on the Deschutes, Clear Water, Imnaha, and the Grande Ronde.  In Washington we will be fishing the Skagit, Sauk, and the Stillaguamish.  In British Columbia we will be fishing on the Kispiox, Babine, Skeena.  We have already started shooting video on the Deschutes River around Maupin, OR.  We have around 5 days so far and there has been a lot of casting, and the steelhead have rolled a few times, but it the late August lull in fishing, the steelhead are waiting for the water to cool down before they keep coming upstream.  We also had some big fires around the river that closed a major fishing section of the river pushing everyone into the same area, it was really crowded on the lower river.
        This movie is just a fishing movie, it is about the journey of the fishermen, the personal and group journey.  Each person is going to have good days and bad days, the group will have it's highs and its lows.  We will be traveling around in a few trucks with a trailer, so it is going to be tight quarters.  We are still in the planning stage of this movie, but we also live on the Deschutes River, so we can also go fishing a lot.  We still have a lot of planning to do, but so many things are falling into place, as far as I can see, and feel there is no reason not to make this movie... So we are!  And if we get lucky we might even catch some fish!!!